Real estate is one of my most sincere passions. I’m thankful to be involved in a career that I enjoy, and where I thrive. I have enjoyed real estate from day one, when licensed in 1984.  I’m a driven realtor with a heart to successfully grow our community, and I pray to leave a legacy of fiscal health and responsible stewardship of our resources, for our children. Real estate has offered a great opportunity to become rich in relationships. Many clients have become dear friends.

Smart growth is essential for the health of our citizenry. Through real estate sales I hope we, at Palm Wave Realty, can help improve our community and county to manage its fiscal responsibilities well. It’s my pleasure to serve the city of Flagler Beach by volunteering on the Economic Development Task Force with making suggestions to improve the tax base. We offer recommendations to the city commission to improve the overall economic health of our town.

Locally, I’ve been involved in the development of a variety of single-family communities and I take great pride in the teamwork that was created to see these communities successfully built.  We’ve impacted our neighborhoods positively from an environmental stand point with expanded green-spaces and have successfully added to our needed tax base.

There’s nothing much more rewarding in my world than helping families find a home in a location that brings joy to their hearts and creates a lasting community.